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Aumox 5 Port Gigabit PoE Switch(SG305P)

  • 4-Port 78W POE: Designed with IEEE802.3af/at standard, Aumox POE ethernet switch can transmit network data and power at the same time. This gigabit switch offers a maximum 78W POE power output in total. Single-port POE power up to 30W, meets power supply requirements of various applications.
  • Gigabit Ethernet: Aumox network switch features 100/1000 Mbps ports, enables ultra-fast wired connectivity and instant large files transferring. Unmanaged gigabit switch, easy to setup, plug and play.
  • Reliable Fanless Metal Housing: Metal housing design makes the POE switch reliable to use in different use cases. Fanless design give you a quiet and noise free environment.
  • One-Key VLAN: Supports one-key VLAN mode, and ports are isolated from each other. Effectively suppress network faults such as network storms, ensuring good network transmission performance and security.
  • Intelligently identify whether the IP terminal supports power supply,protect powered device.
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High-performance Power Supply

✔78W total power, higher performance than typical 5 Port POE switch.

✔Up to 30W per port, support various device types.

✔5* Gigabit auto negotiation RJ45 ports. Reliable data transmission.

✔Provide enough power for your PoE IP cameras and efficiently prevent poor device performance like video loss due to the insufficient power supply.

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Fanless Metal Housing

Sturdy metal casing makes the POE switch reliably in various environments. Powerful cooling feature and less noise to ensure stability.

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One-Key VLAN

VLAN mode can effectively suppress the network storm, improve the performance of a wireless network.

✔Default Mode: the device works as a general switch and all ports support 10/100/1000Mbps auto-negotiation.

✔VLAN Mode: VLAN isolation is enabled. Port 1-4 will be isolated respectively but can communicate with the Uplink port.

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IEEE 802.3af/at POE Standards

POE ports allow network data transmission and power to IEEE 802.3af/at compliant powered devices, no need for additional power cabling.

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